Honeydew Mint Lite

6 pack · 8 fl oz · 237 mL

Fresh, juicy, and perfectly ripe, Honeydew Mint is as carefree as a Spanish nude beach in July. With all-natural ingredients, only 10 calories per can and no added sugar (if you no, you no), this hangover-free cocktail is guaranteed to take you places without encouraging you to cheat on that occasional keto diet.

2mg of THC & 4mg of CBD in each can

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“It left me bubbly, sociable, and in a pleasant haze.

Highly Social
Microdosed for the perfect effect
No painful days after drinking or regrets
Award-winning flavors
Lemon from Sicily, Yuzu from Japan, you get it… no cutting corners


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The cannabis plant has tons of unique cannabinoids (compounds in the plant that make cannabis what it is). THC and CBD are by far the two most common. THC gets you high. CBD doesn't get you high. We believe that THC and CBD are buds—they have more fun when they are together
A tonic is taken to give a feeling of vigor or well being and we add a light THC & CBD blend for a refreshing, uplifting social buzz
Everyone has their limit. There are many factors that influence how you might experience the effects of cannabis, but the biggest one is your personal cannabis tolerance. Our canns have a mild amount of THC, so you can sip into your sweet spot!